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Google Play Certified

Experience the most powerful interactive flat panel on the market.

Android 13 | 16GB RAM | 256GB Storage | 8 Microphone Array
50 Point Touch | Palm Rejection | 5 Year Warranty

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Google Play Certified

Designed for the classroom
and the boardroom.

Android 13 | 8GB RAM | 64GB Storage | 8 Microphone Array
50 Point Touch | Palm Rejection | 5 Year Warranty

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Classroom Ready

Android 11 | 4GB RAM | 64GB Storage | 20 Point Touch
5 Year Warranty | 9 Device Casting

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  • Google Play Store Certified
  • Android 13
  • Google/Microsoft Cloud Integration
  • 50 Point Touch
  • 2 x USB-C (100W + 15W)
  • USB-C Out
  • HDMI Out
  • Casting Built-in & Free
  • 2 x 8W + 2 x 18W Speakers
  • 8 Microphone Array
  • Palm Rejection
  • OPS Slot (80 pin)
  • 5 Year Warranty

03 Pro

8GB / 64GB + Google Play Store
Shipping Q1 2024
  • 75"
  • 86"
  • 105" (Special Order)
4 GB
32 GB


16GB/256GB + Google Play Store
Special Order Only - 90 Day Delivery Time
  • 75" x 120 panels
  • 86" x 55 panels
  • 105" x 24 panels
4 GB
64 GB

The Power of Google EDLA

EDLA and GMS for V7 Interactive Flat Panels: The Enterprise Device License Agreement (EDLA), a Google program, enhances the security and functionality of Android devices like V7 interactive flat panels. EDLA ensures advanced security features, extensive app availability, and refined access to collaborative Google apps. Additionally, Google Mobile Services (GMS), pre-installed on these panels, provides access to a diverse app ecosystem and seamless integration with Google Workspace apps.

Advantages and Transformation: Having GMS on V7 smart boards offers several advantages, including app diversity, enhanced collaboration, and a user-friendly experience. Prior to Google’s official support, smart board providers lacked authorization for GMS and Google Play. With EDLA, V7 panels now provide hassle-free centralized management, empowering users to collaborate effectively and engage with confidence.

Unlimited Digital Whiteboards

Ruler Tool
Smart Table

Smart Search

Handwriting Recognition

Shape Recognition

Graphic Recognition

Professional Development

V7 offers a comprehensive Professional Development program for educators, designed to enhance student engagement through effective use of our Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs). The program includes both virtual and in-person training sessions, tailored to the size of the school district deployment.

Check out the videos below or the full tutorial page for free access to all of our videos.

Effortless Casting

Cast wirelessly from Windows, iOS, MacOS, Android, and Chrome OS.

Sharing Is Easy

Google Drive and Microsoft OneDrive integration make it easy to save and share lessons.

Recording Lessons

Record your lessons with the built in recording app and easily share with your students through the cloud.


Broadcast announcements to one or all the IFPs in your school or district.

Why Teachers and Admins Choose V7


Our workflow will amaze your teachers with just how easy it is to create, teach, and share lessons.

Unmatched Power

No IFP without an OPS can measure up to the V7 IFP. Want the power of Windows 11? We have an OPS for that too!

5 Year Remote Management

Control all your IFPs in campus, district, or State from a single laptop. Need to update remotely? No problem.

5 Year Warranty

If there is a defect that is our fault, we'll take care of it. We make the process simple and easy to reduce any downtime. Ask about our advanced replacement program.

Share Up to 9 Screens at Once

Up to 9 screens can be cast to the V7 IFP at one time. Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome OS, it makes no difference. All are compatible.

From One to All

V7 IFP's make it easy to share what is on the IFP screen to all devices in the classroom or conference room. We call it "Desktop Sync", and it is amazing.

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