Ready to Setup DMS Enrollment?

Here is a quick list of what your will need to get your Bytello DMS account setup. Once your account has been setup, adding/removing IFPs is simple.


1. Invoice Copy

Copy of your invoice that your received from your reseller. This shows the number of panels your will need licenses for.

2. Admin Contact Info

Your master admin name and email address. This is the person who will be the overlord of your DMS. Don’t worry, they can create up to 20 sub-admins.

3. Serial Numbers

 Provide the IFP Serial Numbers (3 options)

1. On the side of the IFP.

2. Press “Input” 1379 on the remote with the IFP on.

3. On the orginal box the IFP came in.

4. Email Us

Email the above to

Get Enrollment info

Enrolling devices into your DMS is simple and straight forward once you have your admin information.

  1. On a computer, login to
  2. Click on “Enroll” at the top of the screen.
  3. Have this information available for all new enrollments.

Enroll IFP to DMS

  1. Boot up the IFP
  2. Open the “Apps” button
  3. Click on “Bytello DMS”
  4. Enter the school code and and admin email.
  5. That’s it.