Google EDLA & V7 Panels


What is EDLA?

EDLA stands for Enterprise Device License Agreement. It is a Google program that provides cutting-edge security features for Android devices, which can be utilized in any environment. Specifically, for interactive panels like V7, EDLA offers the following benefits:

  1. Advanced Security: EDLA ensures robust protection for personal and sensitive information, guarding against cyberattacks, data loss, and unauthorized access. If a device is lost or stolen, it can be remotely wiped or locked.

  2. Extensive App Availability: With EDLA, you gain access to a wide range of apps, including Google Workspace apps like Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Seamlessly incorporate digital resources and tools for editing, sharing, and collaborating.

  3. Refined Access to Collaborative Google Apps: EDLA-certified panels allow you to use collaborative Google apps effectively. Whether for presentations, collaboration, education, or display purposes, having refined access to these apps enhances productivity.

What is Google Mobile Services (GMS)?

Google Mobile Services (GMS) is a suite of Google applications and APIs that come pre-installed on Android devices. These services include essential features such as Google Play Store, Gmail, Google Maps, and more. For V7 interactive flat panels, GMS provides:

  1. App Ecosystem: GMS enables access to a vast ecosystem of apps via the Google Play Store. Users can easily find and install apps tailored to their needs.

  2. Google Workspace Integration: GMS seamlessly integrates with Google Workspace apps, allowing users to create, edit, and share documents, spreadsheets, and presentations directly from the panel.

What’s the Advantage of Having GMS on a V7 Panel?

Having GMS on a smart board, such as V7, offers several advantages:

  1. App Diversity: GMS provides access to a wide variety of apps, enhancing the functionality of the smart board. From productivity tools to entertainment apps, users can customize their experience.

  2. Collaboration and Productivity: With GMS, users can collaborate effectively using Google Workspace apps. Whether in classrooms, boardrooms, or creative spaces, the smart board becomes a powerful tool for teamwork.

  3. User-Friendly Experience: GMS ensures a familiar and user-friendly interface. Users can navigate, search, and install apps effortlessly, making the smart board intuitive to use.

Prior to Google’s Public Announcement

Before Google’s official platform support for large-format interactive displays in Q4 2022, smart board providers lacked authorization to include GMS and Google Play on their devices. The introduction of EDLA changed this landscape, allowing certified panels like V7 to offer a secure and feature-rich experience.

Hassle-Free Centralized Management

EDLA-certified panels simplify management. IT administrators can centrally manage settings, security, and app installations, ensuring a hassle-free experience for users.

In summary, EDLA and GMS enhance V7 interactive flat panels by providing security, app access, and seamless integration with Google services. These features empower users to collaborate, create, and engage effectively.