Quick Start Guide

Follow these easy steps to get up and running with your V7 IFP in no time!

Register for DMS

Request DMS account setup for IFP management. Request access here.

Connect to the Internet

Plug in your IFP and setup your internet connection. You can use wireless or hard line connection.

Wired: Internet is working.

Wireless: Settings –> Wireless & Network –> Wireless

Connect to DMS

Enroll the IFP into the DMS.

Apps –> Bytello DMS

Enter organization code and admin email.

Push Settings from DMS to IFP

Push IFP settings from DMS admin to the IFPs. Admins can send network setup, certificates, APKs, power schedules and more.

Or you can setup directly on the IFP.

Install Bytello Share

Install Bytello Share on your user devices. Supports Windows, Mac OS, iOS, Android, Chrome OS. Download for your device here.

Get a Bytello ID

Setup your Bytello Account for easy QR code login using Google or Microsoft accounts. You can also configure your cloud bindings and integrations here.

Click here to have your users create a Free Bytello Account Setup

Web Settings & Cloud Drive Binding: View Video Tutorial.


You are now ready to use your V7 IFP! Be sure to check out the video tutorials for great walkthroughs.