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Need a grid in your note? Here's how.
Like to use tables, here's how.
Just like your computer, finder allows you to copy or move files, even ...
Eraser Methods
Use the back of your hand or the eraser tool.
Want to create a repository of images, video, files, and APKs to send ...
Command Summary
Learn how to send videos, messages, files, APKs, and more from the DMS.
Remote Power On
Learn how to remotely turn on an IFP from the DMS.
Remote Power Off
Learn how to setup schedules and power off commands.
Device Management
See and control all the actions of a remote IFP.
Commands to IFPs
Send commands to one or many IFPs at once. Schedule all the IFPs to ...
Want to send an alert to one or all IFPs?
DMS Walkthrough
Full DMS walkthrough with how to setup and control all IFPs connected ...
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